Last Day of FEB. GET IT DONE!

Feb 2/28/13: Workout
Warm up and gentle stretch first
Do the following circiut 1x- ea exercise 40 sec.
Squat w/ a 5 sec hold at the bottom
Lunge w/ a twist {use a 5-10 lb dumbell or med ball} one leg at a time
Shld press- med weight-one arm at a time
jog in place
Walk around a little bit…Stretch those glutes and hammies gently…don’t forget to some neck rolls for those
traps. This should get it done for today. Eat some good stuff today. Never give up people…this is your

Let’s Hear From Some Newbie’s

Thur 2/28/13: Yea last day of the month! March starts tommorrow!!! To me, that means Spring, time change, daylight, golf,my vegetable garden…etc…and so much more. How is everyone doing with their fitness regimen? It doesn’t matter how advance or how simple it is…as long as you are moving that body. I periodically ask how everything is going, are there questions, whose struggling and so forth. It seems to me most response comes from those who are doing great and love working out. I love hearing from all these guys and have started building relationships with them. I would really love to hear from some people who are struggling. The ones who have trouble making themselves go to the gym,do a workout,make bad food choices,etc. I know there are some of you out there. I want you to be successful with your fitness journey. Learning to talk about your struggles is the best way to get encouragement from others. People who can break thru their weight,fitness,and health struggles are ss inspiring to me. So, get on board and let’s all work together on attaining a healthy lifestyle! Choose to have a great day today!

In a Hurry Today

Wed Feb 27,2013: Morning. Been up this morning working on something else before I head to gym. Wasn’t going to blog…but I felt obligated to put a little something down. Here is a quick density circuit. If you are short on time these work great.
Do the following circuit in 12 min as many times as possible. Of course you can always adjust the time, reps, or exercises.
Do a warm up and stretch first.
Bw Squat-8 reps
Jump Jack-8 reps
Crab Walk-8 steps
Stick ups-8reps
Burpee-4 reps
Viola!! Didn’t take long….Do a little walk around the room, stretch, eat a good breakfast!
Have a great day!

Intermediate Level Workout

Tue Feb 26,2013: Warm up first!
Group 1- Reverse Lunge-10reps
DB Rows- 10 reps ea side-med heavy weight
Rest 30 sec Repeat 2x
Group 2- T Push ups- 10 reps
Goblet Squats-10 reps- Med heavy weight
Rest 30 sec. Repeat 2x
Group 3- Suicide Plank- 30 sec
Jog in place- 30 sec
Rest 30 sec Repeat 2x
Stretch and cool down….Have a great day!

My Life: Fitness and Golf

Tue Feb26,2013: Good morning fitness people. Having that cup of coffee I have to have every morning. Haven’t been writing a much as I should. I’m on here reading so much good material from all my blogging fitness friends….i’m worn out.
Well, we’re just about thru with Feb. I’m so ready for March to be here. March has always meant Springtime is here for me.
The time changes March 10th I believe….thank goodness. Haven’t played any golf because it has done nothing but rain here in Mississippi. How many blogging golfers out there? I would like to hear from you. Once the season cranks up I’ll write about golf a lot. I’ll still be writing about fitness and sharing what I learn from others….but I love me some Golf! I will be going to the Masters in April…YES!
Well, finished with the coffee. Time to get ready for the gym. I’ll post a quick workout before I leave. No matter what’s going on in youf life…good, bad, happy,or sad…take the time to exercise and eat right. There is no better medicine. There is no better life than to be fit, have energy, and just plain feel good. It just makes dealing with life so much easier. Have a great day everyone! We all DESERVE it!

Kemme Fitness

NEEDED EQUIPMENT:  Medicine Ball, Physioball
10 Inchworms
10 Frog Jumps
20 Superman Push-ups
20 Squat Jumps  
30 Leg Raises
30 Burpees
40 Medicine Ball V-sit Twists
40 Medicine Ball Lunge Twists (20 each side)
50 seconds Physioball Bridge
50 seconds Physioball Balance
30 seconds each 
Tarantula Walk
Crab Walk (or Duck Walk)
20 – each side – Physioball 1 Leg Sit-ups
20 Physioball Wall Rolls
40 Mountain Climbers
40 Rowboats
10 seconds each
Snake Sidle left
Snake Sidle right
Ape Step
Alligator Walk
All together (many rounds as we can do as fast as possible)
5 Push ups (Psycho or Spiderman)                        
6 Dips
7 Burpees                                                   
8 Box Jumps
9 Air Squats

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