Sat Jan 26,2013:  Woke up early like always.  No workout today.  Meant to try a 20 min yoga video someone posted, but my internet got jacked up for awhile.  I’ll try it tommorrow.  I did cook a cool breakfast that I got off another blog.  Can’t think of the blogger name at the moment,but I did thank them.  Also, I had found an article about drinking tart cherry juice to help fight muscle soreness.  I mixed it w/ my choclate protein drink.  I did 8 oz milk w/ 2 oz cherry…tasted pretty good.  The cherry juice is supposed to act similar to ibuphrophen.  Will report more on this later.  Pretty relaxing day for me today.  I needed it to!  Hope to play a little golf tommorrow. Over and out for today.




Fri Jan 25,’13: What “MOTIVATES” you?  What makes you want to get out of bed everyday?  What makes you want to eat right or exercise?  Maybe nothing motivates you…  Maybe you just get up and go thru the motions everyday?  S ome people do that.  Nothing about everyday life excites them at all.  For me, that would be a terrible way to live.  I am thinking of a particular person right now.  That person is so miserable to be around…negative about everything!

My motivation comes from within: How did I get like this?  That’s a long story.  I wasn’t always like this.  My motivation used to be just to party and have a good time.  Nothing wrong with that…except that’s the only thing I wanted to do.  I had no direction and I could not see more than 5 minutes in front of me.

I think one of the things needed to get motivated is to have a plan,or goal,whatever you want to call it.  For me, at this stage of my life it’s all about being able to take care of myself in the upcoming senior years.  I workout and eat healthy to be healthy and stay healthy.  I don’t want to be on blood pressure medicine or any other medicine…EVER!  I don’t want to have a different doctor visit everyday in retirement…EVER!  So, I’m very motivated to do all I can now…to prevent any of this happening to me.  It’s important to me.  All of us are good at doing what’s important to us…cause if it’s about us it is important!  So, think about it. Come up with a plan… implement it…and get where you are going.

Do this today: Db swings-30 sec, close grip pushups-30sec, goblet squat-30sec, SB-stir the pot-30sec, JumpJack-30sec, Body saw-30sec.  Rest repeat 2x.

{body saw is a plank…w/a small controlled rocking motion forward and back}

Have a great Fri!!!

Look “WITHIN” yourself

Thur. Jan 24,2013:  Today I’ll talk about feeling a little tired and not really wanting to go to the gym.  It’s 4 am right now.  I’m up pretty much this time everyday.  I get going pretty easily because my body clock is so programmed.  I get up this early on weekends also.  I use this as my focus and evaluation time.  This is what works for me.

I’m like anyone else though.  Sometimes, I don’t want to work out.  If I have worked out sufficently during the week…I might not, or I’ll just do a little something, or I’ll just do some light streteching.  The point being… I always asses where I’m at for the week, what’s on tap for the weekend, etc.  It’s is so engrained “inside” of me on taking care of my body – which directly is taking care of my health.  Now, this did not just happen over night.  Back in the day I did my share of fast food eating, adult beverage drinking etc.  There was a time when “fun” was the focus.  That being said, I understand when people struggle with commitment to working out and eating right.  It’s much faster, and easier to stay in bed, get fast food, or take a pill to loose the weight.  “EASY” never did get anyone anywhere!

My point from sharing a little bit about myself is to show you anyone can change.  You just have to look “INSIDE” yourself and decide you want to take care of yourself.  Doing things you don’t necessarily want to do, but need to do can be challenging.  I truly believe I need to exercise most days of the week and make good food choices everyday of the week.  It makes me strong, vibrant, energetic, and just plain feel good.  It’s easy for me now.  It’s a HABIT.  It’s a no brainer.  This is my hope for others.  For those who find it hard to believe this is the way to a healthier longer life.  It must come from “INSIDE”… if this article pertains to you…take a minute to get inside that head and ask yourself why you keep” CHOOSING” the “EASY” way?  It is a choice you know?

Ok, enough for today.  I’ll be doing a workout from earlier this week…I’ll lighten it up.  Legs are tired today.  Everyone Have a great day!

Form the “HABIT”

Wed Jan 23, 2013:  Hump day is here again.  If your on the bandwagon about starting a healthy lifestyle I’m fixing to post a workout for you.  We are 3 weeks or so into the new year….hopefully you are carving out a habit of daily exercise.   The first thing that has to be done is get into your mind daily exercise and healthier eating habits has to become a habit.  You have to believe your choices now about diet and exercise do affect your body and health later.

Everyday that alarm goes off we start making choices.  We make choices about are we gonna go to work everyday.  Of course, we’re going to go to work…we want to be paid.  For myself, most every morning I choose to write a little something to you…just for a little boost.  I don’t do it just for you… it also gives me that boost to get my workout in.  I formed this habit of exercise many many years ago.  It’s just automatic for me…it’s pretty much easy!  Once, you believe inside you exercise and better food choices are a must….forming the habit will come.  It can become “easy” for you also….just make that choice: go to the gym, go play tennis, go ride a bike, take a walk, buy fruit instead of chips,drink water and not soda.  The choices are unlimited.  Believe in yourself…you are worth the choices you make.

Warm up:  30 sec of everything:  jump jack, squat, jog in, stick ups.  Repeat 2x

Group 1: Reverse Lunge- 10 ea leg,  spiderman climb.  Repeat 2x

Group2:  Triple Stop Push up- 10,  side to side jumps-10 ea side.  Repeat 2x

Group 3: Plie squat-15 reps.,  DB rows- 15 reps ea side.  Repeat 2x

Group 4:  Jump Jack-20sec – rest 20 sec.  Repeat up to 8 x

Gonna tear you up!!!!  You are responsible for your body!


Workouts are part of your day!

Tue: Jan 22, 2013-  Morning.  1 cup of coffee down…love that 1st cup!  Anyway, time to get on w/ the day.  Fixing to add a workout.  Just want to add….Hoping people are reading these posts and starting to forms habits of exercise and eating better.  Hoping these words I put down encourage you to get outside and take a walk, get on the living room floor and do squats, and pushups, go play tennis or golf…just anything to move your body.  It will make you feel better, make you live longer…you have to believe that exercise is a must do.  Make it part of your day…everyday.

Warm up: fake jump room-30sec, arm circles-30 sec, jump jack 30 sec, stick ups-30 sec.  Repeat 2 x

Pushups-1 min as many as you can….Rest 30 sec

Jumping Jacks-1 min as many as you can…Rest 30 sec

Plank- 1 min….Rest 30 sec

Sumo Squat- 1 min as many as you can…Rest 30 sec

Burpee- 1 min as many as you can…rest 30 sec

If you get tired during a set stop, and breath…then the min.  if you need longer rest break then take it.  Watch your form.  Push your self.

Stretch, drink water, eat a good breakfast, and go whoop some tail today!



A quitter never gets where they are going.  We’re into the 3rd week of the New Year…Jan is a long month.  It’s cold in the mornings and dark when you get home from work in the evening for most of us.  For, those of us whose enthusiaim is starting to fade with our new fitness attitude….DON’T let it happen.  This is not commitment about just working out….it’s commitment about our own personal well being.  This is your “HEALTH” we’re talking about.  It’s more important than anything else.  If you don’t have it….Well, life probably won’t be to much fun.  So, get up!!! Go to the gym,the basement, the living room floor, the backyard….wherever it is you can get 20, 30 min. in…don’t be a quitter.

Warm up: jog in place-30sec., inch worm-5x, jump jack-30sec., squats- 8 rep, plank 20 sec.  Repeat 2x.

Circuit: Burpee- 30 sec, swing lunge-30sec ea leg {front lunge into a back lunge is one}, plank-30 sec.  Rest 30 sec repeat2x.

Jump Jack-30 sec, sumo squat 30 sec, side plank 30 sec ea side.  Rest 30 sec. Repeat 2x

Side to side steps- 20 sec {basketball drill- get down low step sideways a few steps then back the other way}Rest 20 sec.  Repeat up to 10x.

Now take a shower, eat a good breakfast, have a good attitude and a great day.  No Quitting!