Month #1 Closes

Jan 31,2013:  What a long month!  The month for new beginnings, starting over, resolutions, goals…whatever you want to call it has come to an end.  Some off us are diligent moving along…this is awsome!  Some of us are struggling…but hanging on…this is awsome also!  Don’t give up!  Some off still have not started…this is not good.  It’s not to late to get off your behind.  That’s up to you and only you to DECIDE changing your sedentary lifestyle is good for you.  Hoping it happens!  Let’s move on…..

Feb. is upon us.  A nice short month.  Time to start thinking about spring… outdoor events, tennis,golf, baseball, warm sunshine,  beach trips.  There is work to be done.  Re eval your goal from Jan. and see where you are.  Raise the bar on the things you’re doing good at.  Work harder or spend more time on the things your weaker at.  Ask questions.  Get help.  If workouts are your weakness…hire a trainer for a few sessions to get you going.  It’s like taking lessons.  You can do this.  You can eat healthier!  You can exercise! You can run better, farther, faster.  You can do better at whatever you want… just get the info and help that you need and do the dern work!!

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