Wed Jan 30,2013:  Want to take a minute to tell everyone about my blogging experience.  I just started doing this Jan 1st…really quite by accident…along w/the training room on Facebook.  In one months time the training room has really grown.  It’s mainly full of people I know and the positive response to me and what others are sharing is awsome.  The blogging is having the same result except it involves more people that I don’t know.  As I have said when I started doing this…the mission is to reach others… weather your a couch potato or an elite athlete…just read and learn.  Share your thoughts, questions and experience…everyone can learn and help.  You never know what you may ask or share…how it could help someone else.  Anyway ,thanks to all for the support it keeps me inspired! Let’s keep things going…there’s tons of info and events out there.  Let’s have fun!

In FITNESS and in HEALTH,   Stevey


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