Tue 1/29/13:  I’ll elaborate more on ramp it up…since my computer is back up.   We are nearing the end of our first month of the lifestyle change.  This is the point where people start finding a way to talk themselves out of going.  I’ve done good for a month, I’m sore, I’m gonna cut back, I don’t see anything happening, the free trial you recieved is over….on and on.

For some of us it’s easy to go workout.  We love it! Can’t do without it…won’t do without it.  For us,  we’ll just keep do what we do, add variety, focus, etc.  Next time your at the gym look around and encourage someone who you know is new.  Something small will help someone who 1s new….just tell them keep coming back, keep working hard, give them a tip.  Remember it’s not easy for the them.

For the new people who have set this goal for 2013 to lead a healthier life style.  STICK WITH IT.   It takes dedication, motivation and focus.  Just keep driving to the gym, pulling out a DVD and hitting play, reading these article and doing the workouts.  You can’t have the body you want, or get of the BP pills, or have more energy, or lose weight, if you quit.


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