Sat Jan 26,2013:  Woke up early like always.  No workout today.  Meant to try a 20 min yoga video someone posted, but my internet got jacked up for awhile.  I’ll try it tommorrow.  I did cook a cool breakfast that I got off another blog.  Can’t think of the blogger name at the moment,but I did thank them.  Also, I had found an article about drinking tart cherry juice to help fight muscle soreness.  I mixed it w/ my choclate protein drink.  I did 8 oz milk w/ 2 oz cherry…tasted pretty good.  The cherry juice is supposed to act similar to ibuphrophen.  Will report more on this later.  Pretty relaxing day for me today.  I needed it to!  Hope to play a little golf tommorrow. Over and out for today.



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