Fri Jan 25,’13: What “MOTIVATES” you?  What makes you want to get out of bed everyday?  What makes you want to eat right or exercise?  Maybe nothing motivates you…  Maybe you just get up and go thru the motions everyday?  S ome people do that.  Nothing about everyday life excites them at all.  For me, that would be a terrible way to live.  I am thinking of a particular person right now.  That person is so miserable to be around…negative about everything!

My motivation comes from within: How did I get like this?  That’s a long story.  I wasn’t always like this.  My motivation used to be just to party and have a good time.  Nothing wrong with that…except that’s the only thing I wanted to do.  I had no direction and I could not see more than 5 minutes in front of me.

I think one of the things needed to get motivated is to have a plan,or goal,whatever you want to call it.  For me, at this stage of my life it’s all about being able to take care of myself in the upcoming senior years.  I workout and eat healthy to be healthy and stay healthy.  I don’t want to be on blood pressure medicine or any other medicine…EVER!  I don’t want to have a different doctor visit everyday in retirement…EVER!  So, I’m very motivated to do all I can now…to prevent any of this happening to me.  It’s important to me.  All of us are good at doing what’s important to us…cause if it’s about us it is important!  So, think about it. Come up with a plan… implement it…and get where you are going.

Do this today: Db swings-30 sec, close grip pushups-30sec, goblet squat-30sec, SB-stir the pot-30sec, JumpJack-30sec, Body saw-30sec.  Rest repeat 2x.

{body saw is a plank…w/a small controlled rocking motion forward and back}

Have a great Fri!!!

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