The purpose of this blog is to help inspire, motivate and teach anyone who has the desire to start leading a healthier lifestyle or make the one they have better.  The only way for me to be a better trainer and person is to share what I know in this field.

Living in Ms. you see the effects of people being over-weight, poor and uneducated.  Granted, a lot of people are unhealthy purely for these reasons alone.  I’ve also see my share of just plain lazy,non-caring, I’ll worry about later when something bad happens type people.

Some people want to change, some don’t and some won’t. If I can help anyone at any in the above mentioned groups…then taking the time to write a few words, find answers to questions….will help fulfill me.

I hope to ban with others out there in the “blogging” world to help others into a healthier lifestyle.  I’m not a DR., scientist, nutritionist, PHD, or anyone with a fancy title.  I’m a person who leads a healthy life still, keeps learning ways to lead it better, and wants to pass it on to others.   So,please feel free to offer your knowledge, expierence, successes, and failures….to help others.

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  1. Spoke w/ my friend and exercise Scot Long. I love everything he has to say about training, health and fitness. Anyway, he’s been reading some of the posts. He says the only way to get the message to people about the importance of exercise is to get them to internally believe in it.
    You can offer rewards and such…but once the reward is gone so is the desire. So, my mission will continue on to help others….but the focus will be to get them to see for themselves, do for themselves, and choose for themselves! People it’s all about YOU and YOUR body. Let’s get busy and take care of it!!


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