Snow in Mississippi!!!

Jan 17,2013….It’s snowing here in the deep south. Althought is is so nice to look at…it is a receipe for chaos today. Kids won’t go to school, people won’t go to work. We’re talking less than 1 inch of the white stuff. No telling what will happen today. On a day like today, if you don’t get out….do a little short in you livivng room workout.
warm up- jog in place,30 sec, arm cross-30 sec,mt climb 30 sec. repeat 2x.
Group 1: Jump Jack-15 reps, push up-10 reps Repeat 2x
Group 2: Burpee-10 reps, stick ups,12 reps Repeat 2x
Group 3: Inch worm-5 reps, bear crawl-20 sec. repeat 2x
You can rest up to 1 min between groups.
Now since you didn’t go to work or school……clean the house or make something good in the crockpot!!!!!
Have a great day!

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