Tue. Jan 15. 2013

Morning everyone…cold and dreary out, but none the less we gotta do what we gotta do!!
Workout: Warm up- jog in place-30sec, jump jack-30,sec, heisman pose-8 ea side. rest 20 sec-repeat 2x.
Circuit: DB Swings-20 reps, pushups,30 sec, DB squat 15 reps{hold 1 DB at chest height}, plank-30 sec, step up-30 sec ea leg, mt climb ea leg.
Try to do the circuit w/ no rest. of course rest if you must rest. If you don’t know an exercise…just substitue one you do know. If you don’t have access to a step – just do Jump jacks. Also, i’m gonna start trying to make workouts a little harder. so,if you don’t go to a gym you may want to gradually purchace some dumbells for the house.
Give this w/o a try. I’m keep the short and sweet! Everyone has 20 min to get this in. NO excuses.
Everyone have a great day!!! Keep sharing and let’s keep the training room growing! Invite your friends. Working out is awsome and we gotta do it! It’s Our Health!!! BOOM…goes the fun!

One response to “Tue. Jan 15. 2013

  1. Stevey, thanks for all of the great info you’ve posted! The videos are a big help, too! You have motivated me so much so that this week I’m joining the gym after years of putting it off! It’ll be good to get back in the saddle again. Thanks for all of your inspiration and it wouldn’t be happening if not for you!


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