Week 3: No turning back…keep movin

Mon Jan 14,  we’re half way thru the first month of our fitness commitments.  I know a lot of us are doing well w/ training.  For those struggling…what are you waiting for?  Start participating in the group, just get up and tke a walk then right it down.  There are always so many reasons to not eat right and to not exercise.  There is only ONE reason to do both and that is YOU!  YOU, are the most important reason on earth.  Your HEALTH is all you have.  I didn’t think about when I was was younger….anyone who knows me well, knows I didn’t think much at all!  As, we age I think about it a lot….me helping others…helps me!  So, lets get to it!

Todays Workout: Warm Up: 10 kness to chest-lay on back on floor bring knees into chest{stretches low back}.             Baby Pose-30 sec            Downward dog-30sec.

Repeat 2 more times

Group 1:walking lunge-8 ea   plank 30 sec    rest 20 sec repeat 2x

Group 2:T pushup-8 ea side   total body extention 30 sec {squat down low w/arms back like your gonna take a big jump…but just come up on your toes.      rest 20 sec repeat 2 times.

Group 3: sumo squat-10 each side    crossbody mt climb-30sec   rest 20 sec repeat 2 times.

Group 4:  jumping jack-30sec    skater hop-30sec   rest 20 sec repeat 2 times.

Repeat the stretching we did in the beginning.

Should be feelin good now!!! Go out there and Conquer the day!!



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