Finish Jan 2013 Strong

Jan 31, 2013 Workout:

20-10 workout…should take abot 20 min.  Do w/ as little rest as possible.  Work hard…it’s 20 seconds!

elevated pushups- 20 on 10 off x4 {put on hand on a block or step. alternate to the other hand for next round}

total body extension-20 on 10 off x8

side plank- 20 on 10 off x8 {that 4x per side…alternate each time or do all 4 in a row then the next 4}

jumping jacks- 20 on 10 off x4 {modify if jumping is an issue}

run in place- 20 on 10 off x8

spiderman climb- 20 on 10 off x4

OMG!!! do the best you can.  new people give it a go, modify if you have to, rest if you have too, you will build up in time.  Safety first!

Month #1 Closes

Jan 31,2013:  What a long month!  The month for new beginnings, starting over, resolutions, goals…whatever you want to call it has come to an end.  Some off us are diligent moving along…this is awsome!  Some of us are struggling…but hanging on…this is awsome also!  Don’t give up!  Some off still have not started…this is not good.  It’s not to late to get off your behind.  That’s up to you and only you to DECIDE changing your sedentary lifestyle is good for you.  Hoping it happens!  Let’s move on…..

Feb. is upon us.  A nice short month.  Time to start thinking about spring… outdoor events, tennis,golf, baseball, warm sunshine,  beach trips.  There is work to be done.  Re eval your goal from Jan. and see where you are.  Raise the bar on the things you’re doing good at.  Work harder or spend more time on the things your weaker at.  Ask questions.  Get help.  If workouts are your weakness…hire a trainer for a few sessions to get you going.  It’s like taking lessons.  You can do this.  You can eat healthier!  You can exercise! You can run better, farther, faster.  You can do better at whatever you want… just get the info and help that you need and do the dern work!!


Wed Jan 30,2013:  Want to take a minute to tell everyone about my blogging experience.  I just started doing this Jan 1st…really quite by accident…along w/the training room on Facebook.  In one months time the training room has really grown.  It’s mainly full of people I know and the positive response to me and what others are sharing is awsome.  The blogging is having the same result except it involves more people that I don’t know.  As I have said when I started doing this…the mission is to reach others… weather your a couch potato or an elite athlete…just read and learn.  Share your thoughts, questions and experience…everyone can learn and help.  You never know what you may ask or share…how it could help someone else.  Anyway ,thanks to all for the support it keeps me inspired! Let’s keep things going…there’s tons of info and events out there.  Let’s have fun!

In FITNESS and in HEALTH,   Stevey


Tue Jan 29 Workout

Try this for today. Don’t forget to warm up.  Also, modify any exercise that you need to and if you have to rest…do so.

Do the following circuit one time.

Jumping Jacks- 20 sec on, 10 sec off x 4 rounds

close grip push ups- 20 sec on, 10 sec off x 4 {these are tough…rest if needed but do 20 sec worth}

BW Squats-20 sec on,10 sec off x 8 {feel the burn}

Mt climbs- 20 sec on, 10 sec off x 4 {gonna be tough…but we gotta toughen up}

Prisoner Lunge-20 sec on, 10 sec off x 4

That’s it.  I know it’s hard…do the best you can do.  New people do

those pushups on wall if you have to.  That is just fine.  Let’s Ramp it up everyone.

Cool down and stretch….have a great day.  Any questions…just ask.



Tue 1/29/13:  I’ll elaborate more on ramp it up…since my computer is back up.   We are nearing the end of our first month of the lifestyle change.  This is the point where people start finding a way to talk themselves out of going.  I’ve done good for a month, I’m sore, I’m gonna cut back, I don’t see anything happening, the free trial you recieved is over….on and on.

For some of us it’s easy to go workout.  We love it! Can’t do without it…won’t do without it.  For us,  we’ll just keep do what we do, add variety, focus, etc.  Next time your at the gym look around and encourage someone who you know is new.  Something small will help someone who 1s new….just tell them keep coming back, keep working hard, give them a tip.  Remember it’s not easy for the them.

For the new people who have set this goal for 2013 to lead a healthier life style.  STICK WITH IT.   It takes dedication, motivation and focus.  Just keep driving to the gym, pulling out a DVD and hitting play, reading these article and doing the workouts.  You can’t have the body you want, or get of the BP pills, or have more energy, or lose weight, if you quit.


Time to Ramp It Up…

Mon. Jan 28,2013: My computer is down. Working from phone is nerve racking! Didn’t want to leave everyone w/nothing.
Warm up: jog in place, be squat, stick ups, plank… Do all for 30 sec. Repeat 2x.
Try this:
Jump jack- 20 sec on 10 sec off x 4
Push-up- 20 sec on 10 sec off x4
BW squat- 20 sen on 10 sec off x8
Plank- 20 sec on 10 sec off x 8
Jump jack- 20 sec on 10 sec off x6
Whoop whoop!
Let me know how you like this.

Quick Cardio Workout

Sun Jan 27,2013:  A quickie for today: Do a little gentle stretching first.

Jump Jack- 30 sec., High Knees- 30 sec., Plank 30 sec.  Repeat 2x

Front Kicks-30 sec., Skater Hops-30 sec., Inchworm- 30sec.  Repeat 2x

Jab/Punch-30 sec. {left side}, Jab/punch-30 sec {right side}, v sit-30 sec, Repeat 2x.

Viola’!  Breath that air in deep and blow it out.

Come on yall…stay w/ the program.  No Quitters in the Training Room!